About Kennel Parsonian


Small scale home breeding since 2013.  Breed experience since 1996.

Aiming to breed elegant parsons full of type that are capable to work underground.


Parsonian is  a small home kennel situated in Helsinki concentrating the quality not the quantity. I am interested in the breed and in the breeding as such. I have had parson russell terriers for over 20 years. At the moment I have several parsons at home and they are a wonderful pack working very well together. We live in eastern Helsinki in the middle of perfect nature. I use to go for a long walks into the forest with my pack and they can usually run free most of the time.

Our family consists of me and my husband and a pack of parson russell terriers. The dogs are our dear and much beloved family members. I train my dogs for fox trials and we do tracking too. All our dogs are working very well in blood tracking and Mimi works well with game as well. I am not a hunter myself but I am very interested in it and we have attended to hunting sessions with our friends. We are also attending dog shows couple of times a year.

What it comes to breeding the mating dog has to fulfill huge requirements regarding his character and working abilites and also he has to be healthy with a good pedigree. The construction has to be excellent with a good front. My aim is to breed healthy Parsonrussells for people with active lifestyle who want to have a good friend for all kind of hobbies; hunting, exhibitions, tracking, agility, flyball etc. From my point of view the most important thing in a dog is the character and the temperament. When I make breeding decisions and I am choosing the stud dog for my bitch, there are five things that really matters - 1. the character and temperament the "soul" so to speak, 2. the construction and angulations; I am especially strict with the front and the chest - I avoid straight fronts and too vide chests, 3. the movements; I prefer parallel movements with a good drive, 4. the drive for game, the hunting abilities and 5. The selfconfident - I am always looking for selfconfident dogs whose spirit is so strong that they stand like kings without being bully towards other dogs...everything else comes after these.

Excellent exterior is just a huge bonus. I prefer rough coated and broken coated parsons over smooth, but I will add some smooth from time to time just to better the coat in the long run. I also prefer tricolor coloring. My motto for people who are interested in having a parson is that you will live with the character and temperament not the color markings nor the exterior - interior, the character, is the one that matters whether your life with your dog is going to be enjoyable. You can easily live with a good tempered and balanced dog and you can enjoy many hobbies together but if the dog´s psyche and character is not good then your life with the dog will not be good either. Even the most active dog with a very strong drive for game has to be stable and to be able to calm down. A good, healthy and strong selfconfident is essential.

Every combination has to be such a litter that I would like to keep a puppy for myself too. 

I will only sell a puppy to a person with an active life-style. If you are not active person, you should not buy yourself a parson. Parson is a breed with active nature  and a never-ending good mood in combination with many fooleries. Parson is not suitable for lazy people, on the contrary. Parson is the most wonderful companion when he can enjoy long walks in the nature, some sport, agility or hunting with his human. 

I will help you with the presentation of your dog, grooming and everything else I know. Once you take the puppy over, it will be healthy and socialized, and depending the age, it will be vaccinated. By choosing a "Parsonian parson" you can expect to have a dog with a nice character and temperament, active nature and good drive for different hobbies....and you can expect never be bored again. 

I am interested to follow the life of the puppies from the beginning to the end. You are welcome to contact me whenever needed. Please, feel free to cantact me if you want to disguss more about my breeding, my dogs or our puppy plans. My E-mail address is niinak69@gmail.com and telephone number is +358 45 633 0950. I speak fluent Swedish and English and some French, too.

At the moment we don´t have puppy plans.
Next litter is planned in 2018 for Fannie.

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