sunnuntai 19. maaliskuuta 2017

GREAT news from Riga, Latvia

Great news from CACIB Riga, Latvia!
SBIS Parsonian Fannie Sperry Steel did a great debut in open class today being EX1 with CQ, BF-1, CAC, CACIB and BEST OF BREED - and she also got Qualification for Crufts 2018!! 😃
Thank you so much judge José Homem de Mello, Portugal, for appreciating our Fannie so highly!! We are sooo over the moon now! 😊

Wooww, the second day in CACIB Riga (LV) and great news again!! Our 2 years and 1 week old SBIS PARSONIAN FANNIE SPERRY STEEL won open class females being EX1 with CQ, then BF-1 with CAC and CACIB - aaaand BEST OF BREED!! 😃🎉 😍
The judge was a terrier specialist Bojan Matakovic, Croatia! Thank you soooo much for appreciating our Fannie so highly!
BM-1 and BOS was Multi Ch Precious Pearl Gladiator.

What a great team! I am so proud of Nora and our little precious Fannie <3

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