maanantai 27. maaliskuuta 2017

Fanniesta FI MVA ja LV MVA!! Fannie is now FI CH and LV CH!

Fantastic results from IDS LAHTI (Finland) today! 
Our SBIS PARSONIAN FANNIE SPERRY STEEL did it again!!! Our 2 years and 2 weeks old jewel was first time in open class in Finland with super result: EX1, CQ, BEST FEMALE-1 with CAC, CACIB and BOS ---- aaaand NEW FINNISH & LATVIAN CHAMPION!! The judge was one of Finland's most respected judges, the legendary Kari Järvinen! Thank you so, so much for appreciating our Fannie so highly! 

We are just SO overwhelmed in joy, speechless, and more than anything so, so grateful. What an amazing day!

What an incredible day for Nora and Fannie and for Parsonian kennel :) Fannie is my FIRST Champion. I am totally overwhelmed and almost speechless of happiness. Words can´t express how grateful I am for Nora for the amazing work she is doing with our little jewel Fannie. Thank you so so much <3 
Fannie is a great girl but together you make such a Team that I only the sky will be the limit for you two. Respect & Love. 

From now on Our Fannie is FI CH LV CH SBIS Parsonian Fannie Sperry Steel.

25.3.2017 is the day that I will remember for ever.

sunnuntai 19. maaliskuuta 2017

GREAT news from Riga, Latvia

Great news from CACIB Riga, Latvia!
SBIS Parsonian Fannie Sperry Steel did a great debut in open class today being EX1 with CQ, BF-1, CAC, CACIB and BEST OF BREED - and she also got Qualification for Crufts 2018!! 😃
Thank you so much judge José Homem de Mello, Portugal, for appreciating our Fannie so highly!! We are sooo over the moon now! 😊

Wooww, the second day in CACIB Riga (LV) and great news again!! Our 2 years and 1 week old SBIS PARSONIAN FANNIE SPERRY STEEL won open class females being EX1 with CQ, then BF-1 with CAC and CACIB - aaaand BEST OF BREED!! 😃🎉 😍
The judge was a terrier specialist Bojan Matakovic, Croatia! Thank you soooo much for appreciating our Fannie so highly!
BM-1 and BOS was Multi Ch Precious Pearl Gladiator.

What a great team! I am so proud of Nora and our little precious Fannie <3