maanantai 6. marraskuuta 2017

Result poutpourri

Long time no hear...I have been a bit lazy to update our site. I do share so much photos & news in social media so I kind of "forget" to update my blog.

And now I have quite a job to update all results :D During summer and autumn Parsonian dogs have been quite succesful. 
We were enjoying summer in the archipelago; fishing, swimming, training blood tracking and running. Nora & Fannie, Tiia & Tici and Marianne&Penny had been quite busy AND succesful in the show scene. 

And when we arrived back to the city we have been busy, too :)

First of all; finally we did it!!
Lucy was showing her heart out at IDS Jyväskylä 15.10.2017 and she was 
EXC1 CQ BF-1 CAC BOB CACIB with lovely critics. Huge thank you to the judge, terrier specialist, Vesa Lehtonen, Finland!

Nora and Fannie attended so many shows during the summer that I can hardly remember :D I try...
I simply copy the result from our breeding database:

Sanallinen arvostelu
Kansainvälinen näyttelyVAL-ERIVAK2PN4SA, VARACAJyväskylä 14.10.2017 (Jyväskylä KV - Lauantai)JUUTILAINEN SAIJA
ErikoisnäyttelyVAL-ERILohja 1.10.2017 (parsonrusselinterrieri)RIMMER KAREN
Kaikkien rotujen näyttelyVAL-ERIVAK1PN1SA, VSPPorvoo 9.9.2017VUORINEN RAINER
Kaikkien rotujen näyttelyVAL-ERIVAK1PN1SA, ROPHeinola 20.8.2017KUMPUMÄKI VELI-PEKKA
Kaikkien rotujen näyttelyVAL-ERIVAK1PN1SA, ROPKouvola 19.8.2017LEHKONEN HARRI
Kaikkien rotujen näyttelyVAL-ERIVAK1PN3SAValkeakoski 5.8.2017 (Valkeakoski KR)ZAKE LIGITA
Kansainvälinen näyttelyVAL-ERIVAK1PN1SA, ROP, CACIBHelsinki 28.7.2017 (Eukanuba Summer Show 2017)JOVANOVIC NEMANJA
Kansainvälinen näyttelyVAL-ERIVAK2PN3SAYlivieska 8.7.2017 (Ylivieska KV)SCANLON PAUL
Between 8.7.2017 - 14.10.2017 In Finland Fannie has been 3 x BEST OF BREED and once BEST OF OPPOSITE. 4 x BEST FEMALE , twice BEST FEMALE 3 and once BEST FEMALE 4. Well done! One CACIB and one res-CACIB.

 20.08.2017 NDS Heinola, Finland
Judge: Terrier specialist Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki

 20.08.2017 NDS Kouvola, Finland
Fannie was EXC1 CQ BF-1 BOB
Judge: Terrier specialist Harri Lehkonen

09.09.2017 NDS Porvoo, Finland
Fannie was EXC1 CQ BF-1 BOS
Judge: Rainer Vuorinen, Finland
BOB was handsome Chadbrook Instinct, owned by Hanna Räty, bred by Jill Young

photo: Jin Kaakinen Kuvauksellista Photography

Nora and Fannie have also attended shows abroad.

20.10 - 22.10.2017 3 x CACIB shows in Komarom, Hungary
20.10.2017 Exc1, CAC, BF-1, CACIB and BEST OF BREED! 
Huge thank you to the honourable judge Dr. Tamás Jakkel, Hungary

22.10.2017 Exc1, CAC, Best Female-1 with CACIB and BEST OF BREED! ⚜️
Thank you so very much for appreciating our Fannie so highly, terrier specialist judge Mayerné Görbics Anikó Rockwellwestie! 

 photo: Nora Vilva

photo: Nora Vilva

28-10-2017 NDS Kaunas, Lithuania 
Best Female-1, LT CAC, Best Of Opposite Sex
judge Enrique Maté Durán, Spain >> LITHUANIAN & BALTIC CHAMPION

29.10.2018  NDS Kaunas, Lithuania
Best Female-1 with CAC and BOS! ⚜️🏆
Heartfelt thank you judge Natalia Leonova, Russia! 

So now Fannie´s titles are SBIS FI & EE & LV & LT CH BALT CH EeW'17 Parsonian Fannie Sperry Steel.
Well done!!! I am so happy & proud. WOW!

photo: Stella Syrjä

Marianne and Penny have also been busy in the show rings. And with awesome results. I am so happy and proud of them too :) :) 

Parsonain Penny Lane´s show result from 24.6.- 1.10.2017:
ErikoisnäyttelyNUO-ERILohja 1.10.2017 (parsonrusselinterrieri)RIMMER KAREN
RyhmänäyttelyNUO-ERINUK1PN3SA, VASERTHyvinkää 17.9.2017 (Hyvinkää 2 & 3)JOKISILTA HANNELE
Kaikkien rotujen näyttelyNUO-ERINUK1PN1SA, ROP, SERTHelsinki 2.9.2017 (Let's Go 2017)NIELSEN EVA
Kaikkien rotujen näyttelyJUN-ERIJUK1PN3SA, VASERTHeinola 20.8.2017KUMPUMÄKI VELI-PEKKA
Kansainvälinen näyttelyJUN-ERIJUK2PN3SA, VASERTKemi 22.7.2017 (Kemin Kansainvälinen Heinänäyttely)PABLAKA INESE
Kansainvälinen näyttelyJUN-ERIJUK2PN4SARovaniemi 24.6.2017 (Rovaniemi KV)NILSSON KURT
6 shows, 5 x with CQ 3 x with res-CAC and once the jack pot: CQ CAC and BEST OF BREED! 

 photo: Antti Majala

03.09.2017 NDS Helsinki
Penny was EXC1 CQ CAC BEST OF BREED (intermediate class)
Judge: Eva Nielsen, Sweden

Penny´s brother Tici and her momma Tiia has been busy abroad and they also attended some shows in Finland too. They managed to get the third junCAC in Estonia in August and Tici is EE junCH. In the beginning of the Autumn Tiia and Tici attended a show in Latvia, Riga Winner and Tici got his first LV CAC and of course with BOB! Tici´s titles are now EE junCH RigaW-17 Parsonian Ticket To Ride :) WOW!! Huge Congratulations to Tiia & Tici too!! Soooo proud of you :)

In the Finnish show rings Tici has been twice during this period and he was EXC2 and EXC3.
RyhmänäyttelyJUN-ERIJUK2Muurame 10.9.2017 (Muuramen ryhmänäyttely FCI 2/10 & 3/9)POLETAEVA IRINA
RyhmänäyttelyJUN-ERIJUK3Pieksämäki 10.6.2017 (Pieksämäki 3 & 9)SUME ANNE

18.08.2017 Terrier Speciality Show Harju mk, Estonia
EX1 CQ (junior class) JBOS JCAC BM1 BOS > NEW EE JCH

19.08.2017 IDS Tallinn
EX1 CQ (junior class) JBOB BM1 BOB
Judge was Natalia Leonova, Russia

20.08.2017 IDS Tallinn
EX1 CQ (junior class) JBOB BM1 BOB
Judge was Erodotus Neofytou, Kypros

01.10.2017 IDS Riga Winner, Riga, Latvia
Judge: Brigita Kremser, (SI)


I have been also busy in the show rings since we came back to the city in the end of September. 
First I attended to the Parson Speciality Show held in 01.10.2017 at Lohja, Finland. Entry of 207 parsons all together.
Our Mimi, her daughter Lucy and her grand daughter Maggie attended the show. Also Fannie and Penny attended. Mimi and all Parsonian girls; Lucy, Fannie, Maggie and Penny got EXC. Lucy was EXC3 in a big Open class of 25 bitches. 

 Lucy at Parson Speciality show 01.10.2017 Lohja, Finland
EXC3 Judge: Karen Rimmer, Ireland

Lucy also attended 07.10.2017 NDS Hämeenlinna, Finland
ECX2 Judge: Juha Palosaari, Finland




Except being busy in the show scene we have been training in the articial caves (fox) and we bike a lot together. All our dogs absolutely LOVE to run by bike!

31.10.2017 Mimi celebrated her 7th Birthday. She got a new Pomppa-jacket and harness for a present. And goodies. Of course :)

 I also add some photos of the rest of our gang :) 




 Mimi and Lucy

 Mimi and Marlon

 Maggie, Lucy and Marlon