sunnuntai 4. kesäkuuta 2017

Fannie is now Estonian Winner 2017 and new Estonian Champion

Nora and Fannie did it AGAIN!

 Photo: Nora Vilva

Wuhhuu!! Fantastic news from IDS Estonian Winner -17 in Tallinn today! Our SBIS Fi & Lv Ch PARSONIAN FANNIE SPERRY STEEL was first EX1 with CQ in champion class, then BEST FEMALE-1 with CACIB and CAC, and BOS!! 😊 This makes Fannie ESTONIAN WINNER -17 and new ESTONIAN CHAMPION!! 😃☀️ She also got Qualification for Cruft's '18!! 😊
Thank you so much judge Juan Luis Martinez, Mexico!

We sooo happy and proud of our super energetic 2 years and 2 months old Fannie sweetie! 😊😍

The entry was 17 parsons.
BOB was Abysmal Starlight Express.

At Rauma All Breed Show 28.5.2017 Parsonian Lucille Mulhall was EXC2 in Open Class under judge Viktor Lobakin, Azerbaidzhan. Lucy got EXCELLENT critics.

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